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Data centres – Cable routing – Security

Flexible systems integrator, focused to special low voltage system – High Tech data cabling
infrastructure for offices as well as for industry premises.


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End-to-End Network Infrastructure for Industrial Automation

Data Centre and Server Room structured cabling solutions

Housing mission critical software applications and complex hardware it provides the computing power needed to keep businesses running on a 24-7 basis. We use industry leading pre terminated fibre and copper solutions that allow for time critical installations where time and space are at a premium.


End-to-End Network Infrastructure for Industrial Automation

We will help you assess, design, deploy and manage industrial automation through a network infrastructure built around IT and OT physical layer standards that ensure performance engineered for fast, repeatable, and high-quality installations.


Design and engineering

We do provide design, consulting and coordinating services in project management, where a unified approach ensures considerable savings in both the initial investment and subsequent costs of maintenance and administration We also deliver managed services – infrastructure management, move adds and changes, migrations, maintenance, repairs.

Inteligent lighting and facility monitoring

Comprehensive design and implementation of intelligent lighting and monitoring system for office building and data centers.

Cable routing and mounting systems

Design, supply and installation of cable routing and mounting systems for all kinds of wiring, including the fire protection systems and data center focused systems.

Monitoring and data centres management, Security and facility monitoring

Fire detection systems and extinguishing,
IT security rooms and secure storage,
Physical security, video surveillance and access systems.

Typical installations in dedicated area

Office premises

– Cabling infrastructure based on U/UTP or local F/UTP, special queries with S/FTP
– Underfloor cabling grid for Data, Audio Video, access control or another usage
– Ceiling cabling grid for wifi network, IP cameras, monitoring or intelligent IP lighting
– Cabling infrastructure based on fiber optic cables
– MTP trunks for building backbones
– Standard area cables finished by fusion
– Fiber to the desk application based on pre-terminated cables
– Pathways for cabling based on plastic ducts, metal runway as well as matting used in underfloor
– Inteligent lighting system
– Based on powered data cables
– Emergency lighting system
– Based on powered data cables
– Wifi system

Industry premises

– Cabling infrastructure based on, coax, U/UTP, F/UTP, S/FTP, industrial Ethernet cables
– Cabling grid for any application necessary in production
– Any type of connector RJ45, M12, mounted in standard or specific environment like DIN rail
– Cabling infrastructure based on fiber optic cables
– Fiber trunks for backbones, zone cabling as well for direct connections
– Specific closet for fiber cabling in industry applications
– Pathways for cabling based on metal runway with special fire protection if necessary

Data Centre space

– Cabling infrastructure based on U/UTP or local F/UTP, special queries with S/FTP
– Used for IT, non-IT, security, IP Lighting
– Cabling infrastructure based on fiber optic cables
– Fiber trunks based MTP connections
– SUN solution with any type of funouts
– Special patch cords necessary for dedicated queries (LC, SC, E2000)
– Passive monitoring of cabling infrastructure
– Online identifi cation of physical port localization
– Online documentation
– Alarm if any not planned disconnection done => not authorized patching
– Active monitoring of the space
– Online Inventory management
– Environmental management (Temperature, Humidity, airflow, water leak)
– Pathways for cabling

Building a new infrastructure has never been so easy.

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Who we are?

Our main differentiators on the market are practical skills from TYNET, mother company active within the whole
region, which has strong reference history especially for czech and slovak market from
last 25 years. And also ongoing monitoring of worldwide trends and actual market requirements.
We are certified by main worldwide cabling vendors, like Commscope, CORNING, Panduit, Brand-Rex, which has unfortunately minimum local partners. This specialized approach to this segment brings to end user professional services from technology proposal to services contract for application which should have them.

Services we offer

Consultancy of requirements for our focused services.
Complete design for legal or tender process.
Project management necessary in bigger opportunities.
Installations and maintenance.
Warranty guaranteed by vendors are our main benefits.

Applications you can use in our infrastructure

1. 10G Ethernet for general usage smarttechnology

2. 40G Ethernet for DataCentre application

3. 100G Ethernet for DataCentre application

4. Security connectivity

5. Lighting connectivity

6. Monitoring connectivity


Honeywell (2015 – projection)
Production plant Prešov
Projection and delivery of the following parts:
Data Infrastructure – Office Space
Data Infrastructure – Production Areas
Electrical wiring in production areas – Legrand Bus Bar Zucchini
UPS System – Extension System Legrand 600KVA Backup Battery with Batteries


QUINTILES (2015 – last)
Office space Bratislava
Projection and delivery of the following parts:
Data Infrastructure – Office Space
Data Infrastructure – Servers
Data Infrastructure – A solution for office furniture

Partners and suppliers

COMMSCOPE – CORNING – CPI – OBO – TEHALIT – CableLay – SmartEngine – RF – CODE

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